Conference information

The 9th Symposium on Vacuum based Science and Technology is organized by the Faculty of Technology and Education, Koszalin University of Technology and the Clausius Tower Society under auspices of the Polish Vacuum Society and the German Vacuum Society and in collaboration with the BalticNet PlasmaTec.

The mission of the Symposium is to provide a forum for presentation and exchange of research results and expertise in the field of vacuum and plasma science.
After already nine successful meetings organized alternately in Poland and Germany our goal is to continue and foster cooperation within the vacuum and plasma science community.
The symposium topics will be addressed by invited lectures of internationally recognized scientists.

Symposium topics

  • Plasma physics and techniques
  • Vacuum science and techniques
  • Protective coatings and thin films
  • Characterization of surfaces and thin films
  • Thin films for solar cells and sensors
  • Plasma based surface treatment technologies
  • New trends and concepts in plasma based deposition processes - HiPIMS technology


Contributed papers, accepted by the Scientific Committee, will be presented in oral or poster form.


Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Hana Barankova, Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University (SE)
    "Hollow cathode based plasma sources for reduced and atmospheric pressures"
  • Prof. Christof Eisenmenger-Sittner, Vienna Technical University, (AT)
    “Deposition, characterization and applications of thin films on granular substrates”
  • Dr. Holger Gerdes, Fraunhofer IST - Braunschweig, (DE)
    “Reactive HIPIMS: Challenges and industrial solutions”
  • Dr Roland Hergenröder, Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften, Dortmund (DE)
    "Photoelectron spectroscopy under reactive conditions"
  • Prof. Allan Matthews, University of Sheffield (UK)
    "A perspective on the development of plasma assisted PVD processes"
  • Prof. Sam Zhang, Nanyang Technological University (SG)
    "Towards hard yet tough ceramic coatings"

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Industry Exhibition

Manufacturers and sales companies offering equipment, products and materials related to all areas of vacuum based science, technology and applications are invited to participate in the industry exhibition.
Institutions and organizations being engaged in the conference subjects are welcome to present their aims and activities.
Because of the limited space available, exhibitors are recommended to address the organizing committee for an early reservation.